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A Chance Encounter: Capturing Stunning Model Portraits

One of the most exciting things about being a photographer is the opportunity to meet new people and capture their unique personalities. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Melchior, a model with experience in Paris and Italy, during a chance encounter on the streets of Basel.

From that first conversation, I knew I had to collaborate with Melchior to capture stunning model portraits that showcased his range and versatility. Here’s how we created a beautiful setcard that perfectly represents his modeling career.

Getting to Know Melchior’s Style and Personality

Before we began shooting, I sat down with Melchior to discuss his modeling experience, as well as his personal style and preferences. We talked about his favorite looks and poses, as well as the type of work he hoped to book in the future. This helped me to understand his unique style and personality, which I could then bring out in the photos.

Choosing the Right Settings and Lighting

Next, we scouted out several locations that would work well for the shoot. We chose a mix of urban and natural settings, including alleyways, gardens, and waterfronts. We also experimented with different lighting setups, using both natural light and artificial lights to create a variety of moods and tones.

Posing and Composition

When it came time to start shooting, we worked together to create a variety of poses and compositions that showcased Melchior’s strengths. I used a mix of traditional and contemporary poses, as well as interesting angles and perspectives to create dynamic and engaging shots.

Editing and Creating the Setcard

After the shoot, I spent time editing the photos to ensure that they showcased Melchior’s unique personality and style. I carefully selected the best images and arranged them into a professional setcard that he could use to promote his modeling career.


Working with Melchior was a fantastic experience, and I’m thrilled with the final product we created together. Whether you’re a model or a photographer, capturing stunning model portraits is all about understanding your subject’s style and personality, choosing the right settings and lighting, and creating dynamic and engaging poses and compositions. With these key elements in mind, you can create a setcard that perfectly showcases your talents and helps you stand out in a competitive industry.

Written by Leon

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