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Capturing the Professional and Personal Sides of a Business Portrait

Business portraits, also known as corporate portraits, have become increasingly important in today’s professional world. They offer an insight into the personality of the subject, as well as portraying a professional image of a company or organization.

Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph the team of the Drogen- und Jugendberatungsstelle · Arbeitskreis Rauschmittel e. V., a counseling center in Germany that offers consultation for drug-related problems. The goal was to capture both the personal and professional sides of the team, highlighting their expertise while also showcasing their approachable and compassionate nature.

Choosing the Right Setting and Attire

Before the shoot, I worked closely with the team to determine the appropriate setting and attire. We decided on a professional, yet relaxed atmosphere that would make the subjects feel comfortable and at ease. We also discussed clothing options, selecting clothing that was professional and reflected their personalities.

Posing Techniques

When it came to posing, I used a variety of techniques to convey both professionalism and approachability. For the individual portraits, I focused on capturing each team member’s unique personality while also ensuring a consistent and professional look across the entire series.

For the group photo, I used a more casual approach, having the team members interact with each other naturally. This approach helped to convey the teamwork and collaboration that is vital to their organization.

The Importance of Lighting and Editing

Proper lighting and editing are critical elements of any portrait shoot. For this project, I used a soft, diffused lighting setup to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. During the editing process, I ensured that the colors were balanced and the images were sharp, while also maintaining a natural and authentic feel.


Corporate and business portraits are essential for any organization looking to create a professional image and convey the personalities of its team members. With the right setting, attire, posing, lighting, and editing techniques, these portraits can showcase the professionalism and approachability of an organization’s employees.

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