in progress: PhotoVoice – soziale Ungleichheit



PhotoVoice – Photography and Social Work

PhotoVoice is a participatory action research methodology that combines photography and community engagement. As part of a project inspired by FHNW, the aim is to visually express personal perspectives on a given subject. The focus of this series is on social inequality in living spaces, using the kitchen as a newly defined status symbol for comparison.

It is important to note that the purpose of this series is not to pass judgement on individuals’ socioeconomic status. Rather, the aim is to present a realistic portrayal of how people choose to live and the reality of their living spaces. Through the use of photography, the series hopes to illustrate social issues and provide a platform for individuals to voice their concerns and experiences.

This project is open for participation to those who are interested in sharing their own perspectives through photography. Whether the subject is related to social justice or environmental concerns, PhotoVoice provides an opportunity for individuals to express their views and contribute to the conversation.

In conclusion, the PhotoVoice project inspired by FHNW is an innovative approach to participatory action research that promotes community engagement and empowers individuals to share their perspectives through photography. By illustrating social issues and providing a platform for discussion, PhotoVoice encourages dialogue and awareness on important topics.




couple kitchen
women in the kitchen
family kitchen
kitchen_mother and son
kitchen_family human kids parents
kitchen_familiy human kids parents
kitchen_mother and son
kitchen_man and women