Capturing the Essence: A Photoshoot with Selina

Capturing the Essence: A Photoshoot with Selina


In the realm of portrait photography, I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Selina Seibel, a fellow photographer and captivating model based in Basel. In this photoshoot, we aimed to capture the essence of portrait photography, showcasing Selina’s unique style and beauty.

Location: A Beautiful Studio in Kleinbasel

Choosing the perfect location is crucial for a successful photoshoot, and we were fortunate to have access to a beautiful studio in Kleinbasel. The studio’s large windows and abundant natural light provided an ideal setting for capturing breathtaking portraits. Its minimalist decor served as a complementary backdrop, allowing Selina’s beauty to shine through.

Creative Collaboration: Portraits for Selina’s Portfolio

Our main objective was to create a series of captivating portraits to enhance Selina’s website. These images would showcase her versatility and talent as a model, as well as introduce her as a photographer.

Versatility and Beauty: Selina Shines as a Model

Selina’s versatility as a model became evident throughout the shoot. With her natural poise and ability to embody different moods and expressions, she effortlessly brought each portrait to life. Her radiant beauty, both inside and out, made every shot captivating and visually striking.

Experimenting with Lighting and Poses

To capture a range of emotions and aesthetics, we ventured into various lighting techniques and poses. From soft and ethereal lighting to bold and dramatic shadows, each setup emphasized different aspects of Selina’s beauty, showcasing her adaptability and versatility as a model.

Creating a Comfortable Environment

As the photographer, my role was to create a comfortable and supportive environment for Selina to express herself fully. With Selina it offend seemed she knew what to do before I even had to ask, which allowed us to create in a flow state.

Authenticity and Visual Appeal: Capturing Selina’s Essence

Every portrait aims to capture the essence of the model, and with Selina, it was no exception. Her genuine nature and confidence radiated through each frame, resulting in portraits that were not only visually appealing but also conveyed her unique spirit and beauty.

A Joyous Experience: Selina’s Friendly and Professional Attitude

Working with Selina as a model was a joyous experience. Her friendly and professional attitude created a positive and collaborative atmosphere, making the shoot an enjoyable journey. Her willingness to experiment and contribute creative ideas added an extra layer of excitement to the process.


Collaborating with Selina Seibel on this photoshoot was an incredible experience. As the model, Selina showcased her versatility and beauty, allowing me as the photographer to capture stunning portraits that highlighted her unique style and talent. If you’re in Basel and in need of a versatile and captivating model, I highly recommend considering Selina Seibel. Her natural beauty, professionalism, and ability to bring visions to life make her a truly exceptional model and photographer.