Silent Water Tattoo

As a portrait photographer, I am always looking for ways to capture the unique qualities of my subjects. Recently, I had the privilege of photographing the talented tattoo artists from Silent Water Tattoo in Laufenburg. My goal was to showcase their individual talent while also highlighting the team aspect of the shop.

To achieve this, I used the same setting for each portrait – a large leather couch. This provided a neutral background that allowed the tattoo artists to stand out and shine. I also utilized similar poses and settings throughout the shoot to bind the photographs together and showcase the unity of the team.

Tattoo photography is a unique form of portrait photography, as it not only captures the individual but also their taste. Through these portraits, I wanted to highlight the lifestyle and dedication of these incredible artists. Each portrait showcased their unique style and personality, while also show their connection to the Silent Water Tattoo studio.

It was an honour to work with such passionate and talented individuals and I am proud to have been a part of showcasing them through my photography.

Written by Leon

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